Rebecca’s Resolve


Rebecca’s Resolve is an Design Consulting service that provides assistance to residential clients in the immediate and surrounding areas of Syracuse, New York.  If you have a design dilemma, Rebecca can help you create a plan of attack to solve those challenging spaces with innovative solutions.  This can be to the extent of the client’s needs and wants.

Consulting Services

  1. Design assistance from the beginning to the end of a project

  2. Planning, Budgeting, Project Manager of design aspects   

  3. Renderings of the proposed project

  4. Help with decor arrangement, furniture placement, picture hanging

  5. Paint, furniture, fabric, decor selections,  etc.

  6. Creating a plan for the client to implement.

  7. Faux Painting

  8. Custom Artwork to coordinate with any decor

  9. Assistance with your personal DIY projects


“Transforming common interior places into custom designed spaces”

For an appointment

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